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Our windows are designed and built by craftsmen with expertise and skill in working with wood. We use only high quality slow-grown redwood from Latvian forests for strength and resilience.

Quality you can depend on
Replacing your windows and doors is a job you only want to do once. You want them to look good, and to stand the test of time.  Whilst many windows and doors may look great, it’s what’s underneath the paint that really matters. It can be the difference between  something that lasts 3 years, or for 3 generations.

Ayrton windows and doors are made to last. They will resist everything the British weather can throw at them and still look fantastic decades later.

Made from quality wood

We use redwood from sustainable Latvian forests for all our windows and door frames. Because it’s found so close to the Arctic circle it’s slow growing, creating timber with greater strength and durability, making it more resilient to the cold and damp than pine grown in the UK. Once felled the timber is kiln dried and infused with anti-rot treatment, and then strengthened further through the process of lamination - 3 short sections of timber, with grains running in different directions are bonded together for extra strength.

The cills take the brunt of the weather, as this is where the rain can gather and damp attempts to penetrate from below. That's why we use stronger hardwood for added protection against the elements.

Designed and built by craftsmen

The meticulous designs from the Ayrton team in London are brought to life by our joiners in Lithuania. Here the art of working with wood still thrives – skills that are largely unaffordable in the UK.

We’re confident you won't find better quality windows and doors that match our prices. In fact we're so confident in our products that we guarantee all our windows and doors for up to 30 years.

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